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Puzzle Champion 2021

Would you like to play against puzzle players from all over the world in a tournament?

Then play in our Championship against up to 40 players and become our first Puzzle Champion!

But how does this work? Let me explain to you...

The Championship runs during the entire year of 2021, starts in January and ends in December.

Every month we have 1 "Play Day". (Planned at the moment it should be the second or third Saturday of each month.)

From January until August we have so 8 Play Days in the "Preliminary Round".

To keep costs for everybody low in this Preliminary Round play 8 players always from the same continent.

We play in this tournament with 1000 pieces puzzles!

Of course also 1 group from Australia and Africa, in case we have at least three players from each continent.

Every player may start with a 1000 pcs puzzle of his choice.  So 8 players play with in best case 8 different puzzles of 1000 pcs...

In January we play round 1 of 8 in the Preliminary Round and every player plays his puzzle. Assembly times will be taken.

Puzzle of Player 1 is Puzzle 1, Puzzle of Player 2 is Puzzle 2, and so on. That's why assembly times are all in different lines on photos. We write down your minutes and seconds. Times can still not be compared on Play Day 1. After Play Day 1 every player ships his puzzle to the player with the next number.

Player 1 ships it to Player 2, Player 2 ships his puzzle to Player 3, and so on. Player 1 gets a puzzle from Player 8 of his continent.

In round 2 (February) every player plays the puzzle she/he got during the past month from the other player. (This explains now times in different lines.)

In August we have the complete table. Every player played each one of the 8 puzzles, and assembly times of a certain puzzle can be compared.


From every Continental Group of the Preliminary Round the 3 out of 8 players with lowest total time qualified for our "Intermediate Round".

The Intermediate Round consists of 12 to a maximum of 18 players.

All these players of the Intermediate Round will get 1 puzzle of 1000 pcs. from organizer. All players will get the same puzzle!

The Intermediate Round will be played in September, and the fastest 8 players will go on to our Quarter-Finals in October...

All these players of the Quarter-Finals will get another puzzle of 1000 pcs from organizer. All will get again the same puzzle! 


The fastest player in the Intermediate Round will be
"FIN 1", "FIN 2", "FIN3" and so on until "FIN 8".

In October we will continue by k.o. system.

Let's play the Quarter-Finals!

All players will get again a 1000 pcs. puzzle from organizer.

From Intermediate Round on all players play with the same puzzles!


Winners of Quarter-Finals will go on to Semi-Finals. Losers will be out.


In November we play the Semi-Finals with the last four players...

All players will get again a 1000 pcs. puzzle from organizer.

All players of the Semi-Finals will play also in our final round in December.

December... The big Final!

The two losers in Semi-Finals will play for Place 3.

These two players try to do a puzzle faster than the other player. Winner is #3.

Winners in Semi-Finals play on the same day (a different puzzle) and play to be

Puzzle Champion 2021.

You would like to play 12 times fun during 2021 and finish as

Puzzle Champion?

So what are you waiting for?


Below costs and financial explanations...

Entry fee for World Championship is at

only 30 Euro!

During the year every player has a total amount of expenses of more or less 150 Euro, but effective costs of only ~50 Euro.

Costs can not be told exactly, because they depend on every players personal shipping prices in his country.

Playing the Preliminary Round on your continent you will have small shipping costs to the players next to you, one time per month. And these expenses are not really expenses, because while you (for example "Player 4") pay around 15 euros for shipping your played puzzle to Player 5, you will get a puzzle from "Player 3" without paying this puzzle. At the end of Preliminary Round (after 8 Continental Rounds in August) you will get back your puzzle that has done a round on your continent.

So there are effective only one time 15 Euro real expenses beside entry fee of 30 Euro.

And you will enjoy at least 8 puzzles. Rising to Intermediate Round or Finals you can get up to 11 puzzles and 12 times tournament fun for your money!!!

Because shipping costs to the next player will always be more or less the money if you bought a puzzle, and you will get so 7 puzzles of the other players.

The incompareable higher costs are on the organizer's side...

The organizer gets 30 Euro from 40 players (5 continents with 8 players) = 1200 Euro and his expenses during the tournament are...

Annual payment for zoom at 140 euro...  15 Puzzles for Intermediate Round, 8 Puzzles for Quarter-Finals, 4 Puzzles for Semi-Finals and 4 four Finals.
All together then 31 Puzzles (guessed 15 Euro/Puzzle) and 31 International shipping costs (guessed 22 Euro/Player) makes 37x31 = 1147+140 = € 1287.

And little prizes for our Puzzle Champion and Places 2 and 3 will cost around 200 Euro.

Means that from your 30 Euro stays no one single cent in the organizer's wallet! On the contrary! The organizer pays in our example calculation also around 300 Euro from his own money he got for the World Puzzle Days.

But what would be life worth without fun?


P.S.: Puzzles in Preliminary Round chosen by the players have to be new. NO FLEA MARKET GARBAGE FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP! You also would like to get a good puzzle from the player before you. And it should be highbrow but also not too difficult to master assembly in 12 hours also by slower players! So if you are a "Speedy Gonzalez" of puzzle players, be fair and choose a normal puzzle, not a black and white puzzle every player needs at least 20 hours to assemble it. Make your friends happy and choose a not every day seen puzzle, really worthy to be one of a Puzzle-Championship.

Next point... Cheating playing the puzzle already once before the Play Day... Cheating is only avoidable by allowing it as "Training for every player".
Every sportsman has his trainings session. So why not a puzzle player also? So why not you also? And if you may do it, it is no longer cheating if another player does it also. On the contrary! Try your next puzzle once before next Play Day!  Formula 1 racers, skiers, swimmers, runners,... all have their training before. This is meant only for Preliminary Round! From Intermediate Round on you get a manufacturer sealed puzzle and you must keep it closed until Play Day and open it only live on cam showing this to the moderator. -- Keep the puzzle's parcel always to forward it after Play Day to the next player. Puzzles should be forwarded within the next 3 days after Play Day to avoid that one player doesn't get his puzzle until next Play Day, in case parcel services are working slowly!!! Every player has 2 "Joker Days" in Preliminary Round to play his puzzle on another day during the first week after Play Day, in case he is on holiday, ill or any other reason. After two of such cases puzzle time for non-playing players will be 13 hours 20 minutes (800:00 minutes). For all players who need more than 12 hours for assembly we write 12 hours 30 minutes (750:00 minutes).
 Of course Jokers must be taken also by live-video.


So what costs participation for you all things considered?

  • In worst case you fall out of the tournament after the Preliminary Round and you invest 8 times ~15 Euro (paid easily monthly from January to August!) and you get 7 puzzles on loan "for free to play" and 8 times tournament fun.

  • In best case you will play until the Finals and all you invest is 12 times ~7.50 Euro. You'll get 4 brand new puzzles of a value of ~60 euro and after Preliminary Round costs will no longer raise, puzzles will be paid always by the organizer. So at the end you will have expenses of ~7.50 per tournament fun (12x!).

The 120 Euro for shipping during the Preliminary Round are calculated with 8x15 Euro. This is "more or less"! If you ship a puzzle inner the USA or inner Mexico it may be less. And if you have to ship a puzzle from the USA to Mexico or viceversa, it could be these 15. The organizer will try to set the 8 players on each continent in an order to avoid shipping the puzzles further than necessary all over the continent.

So every player has to agree with a payment of 8 monthly shipping costs to the next player during the month of January to August!

Subscriptions have to be realized (inclusive payment!) until October 1. Only 8 players of every continent can be accepted.

So places are well limited and if you want to be part of this new fun, don't wait too long! For payment information please click here.

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